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A new approach to cloud storage and data security. Multi-Cloud is the modern-day paper shredder for digital information. We shred your data, encrypt and backup into multiple cloud locations. Providing the most secure end-to-end data backup solution.


Faster cloud storage and restore

Multi-Cloud provides a quantum leap in cloud storage and retreival speeds. Through data shredding and proprietary data conversion.

Data Shredding

The key to securing your data is shredding it, encrypting the shreds, converting it into a new format and backing up into multiple cloud environments of your choice.

Proprietary Security

Multi-Cloud uses a combination of industry leading encryption combined with proprietary secrets that make it impossible to hack your data.

About Us

We are technologists, scientists and engineers dedicating to developing solutions that secure your business and personal information.

Experts in the technology industry saw the burgeoning problems with digital security, continuous cloud data breaches and a failure of the industry to solve the problem. It was only a matter of time before the world demanded a better solution.

Enter CRAM, a revolutionary digital security platform that offers online data delivery combined with unbreachable offsite multi-cloud storage. CRAM's unrivaled storage capability with our proprietary security make it a highly differentiated platform from any in the market. With several patents pending, CRAM pushes not just digital security into a new frontier, but represents a complete shift in the technology paradigm.

Incredible Cybercrime facts

thousand records stole daily
times a year companies get hacked (avg.)
thousand known hackers in the world
trillion dollar impact from Cybercrime

Totally secure cloud storage

If you use the 'cloud' to store and backup your data you are not alone. It's one of the fastest growing market segments around. Yet, do we really know where the data is going? Do we really know the security policy of the cloud providers and who is really regulating it? Can we trust they have done their part by securing our data 100%. As we have found, you simply could not secure the cloud with existing technology, until now.


Here is what sets Multi-Cloud apart from the clutter of "me too" backup systems.

Any Device

The Multi-Cloud application is universal and can backup Laptop, PC, NAS and SAN.

Easy Configuration

The Multi-Cloud interface is easy to use, easy to configure and doesn't require special skills.

Highly Secure

CRAM's unique security solution makes it next to impossible for hackers to find and access your data.

Leading Support

When you work with CRAM you work with our entire team. We are dedicated to serving you.

The most secure and reliable data storage solution in the market.

Breakthrough Technology

CRAM blends innovative patent-pending software with state of the art hardware to enable the most secure data backup solution in existence

How it works?

Multi-Cloud shreds your data, encrypts each shred using top of the line industry standard encryption (AES/RSA) and randomly distributes the encrypted shreds in a multi-cloud storage environment that you choose (more clouds=more secure). Multi-Cloud is a simple, fast and secure way to backup your data



One solution, many markets

Multi-Cloud just finished Alpha pilots and is moving into Beta. Stay tuned.

Multi-Cloud Coming Soon


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    - Bill Gates
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    - Steve Jobs
  • Genius is one percent insiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.

    - Thomas Edison
  • I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them.

    - Isaac Asimov

Our Team

We are leaders that strive for innovation, excellence and a clear focus on the customer. Behind every product we make is a passion and dedication to solving our customers problems through high-value solutions

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Executive Leadership

Daren Klum

Founder | CEO

Daren is a technology visionary and inventor with a formidible track-record of launching technology innovations ...

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Rakesh Sharma, PhD

Chief Scientist

Rakesh is a PhD mathematician that specializes in software and complex algorithms. His work has been recognized globally ...

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Simon Davis

Chief Financial Officer

Simon is an Oxford educated accountant with a background in International Business and High-Finance ...

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Pat Ryan


Pat brings to CRAM many years of engineering excellence in data storage. Pat was the Chief Scientist for Segate Technologies ...

Jeremy Bauer


Jeremy brings many years of IT / data center management as the head of technology for companies like Digital River and SuccesFactors...

Wade Fenn


Wade had a long career at Best Buy in various capacities that included head of sales/marketing and ultimately President ...

General Tim White


Tim is a retired general in the USAF. TIm also had a long television career as news anchor and host of hte hit television series Sightings on Fox...

Ron Leirvik


Ron brings senior executive leadership experience as the former CEO of Moen Corporation, and a top executive of Chrysler Motors ...

Scott Larson


Scott was the former head of FBI cybercrime unit and an industry expert in digital security. Scott currently leads Larson Security Consulting  ...

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